Albertson Product Development is me, Pete. I help design, build, and maintain custom software & applications for the web. If you don’t know where to start or need help getting to the finish line, let’s work together.

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Sometimes I think digital product development is like building a house.

I've never built a house so I'm not totally sure that's the best metaphor but it makes sense to me because 1. everyone uses houses, has opinions about them, and sometimes thinks "I could design a better house than this", 2. the process is actually pretty complicated even when you do know what you're doing and surprises can occur that make things expensive and/or a headache, 3. you don't *really* know what the final product is going to look and feel like until it *exists*, and lastly, 4. the final product requires upkeep & maintenance and, occasionally, needs to be completely torn down and replaced.


Having experienced these challenges many times over in the process of creating software, I take on new projects with the aim to minimize their impact. I error on the side of simplicity and overcommunicating to avoid surprises. You can read more about my thoughts on these concerns among other things on Medium.

So if you're someone in need of a new or improved house website or application, feel free to reach out and tell me more about what problem you're trying to solve.

Here are some tools and technologies I like to work with.

This list is by no means comprehensive based on my experience. If your stack consists of something entirely different, I still might be able to help. Just hit me up.


Like a true millienial, I am *always* online but the best way to get ahold of me is e-mail which works especially well for introductions and follow-ups. Call or text for anything urgent.

You can also find me bullshitting on social media!

Other things and platforms of debatable value: