Recommended Reading

The blogs and thoughts I wish more people read.

by Pete Albertson

October 07, 2021

Something I often find myself struggling to convey to friends, clients, prospective clients, etc. is just how hard it is to build a great digital product. So much of what we do is changing rapidly and so little of what needs we’re trying to serve are truly known. It’s like designing & building a house for an unknown number of people in an unknown region and there are no building codes. So a big part of my job as a freelance product developer is teasing out of my clients and partners what is truly needed as well as educating them, based on the experience I have today, on the best way to go about building.

Over the years I’ve collected at least a few posts that I’ve learned from or found myself nodding furiously in agreement with while reading. This post serves as a repository for those favorite reads that you too might benefit from. The audience intended varies widely by piece but I still think each one has valuable lessons for everyone whether your a non-technical person managing a new digital product, a designer, or something else.